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Who we are

We are a new law firm with expertise in three distinct areas:

  •  information technology and telecommunications
  •  property law, including conveyancing
  • advising small and growing businesses

The principal of Mayfair Legal is Ilya Fisher. Ilya previously worked for some of the largest law firms in Australia. He has started this new firm because he believes that smaller business and individuals can benefit from "big firm" advice even if they cannot afford the "big firm" price tag.

What we do

We are not a large practice, but what we do, we do well. We advise individuals and companies on commercial and property transactions. If you need advice in a different area, such as criminal or family law, we will be glad to refer you to another professional adviser who is best able to assist you. 


The firm started its present existence in March 2003. Previously, Ilya Fisher worked as a senior associate in commercial and technology law in several large Australian firms.

Based on this experience, what can we bring to individuals and companies seeking professional legal advice?

  • For clients who do not deal with lawyers regularly, you will find us down-to-earth and refreshingly commercial. Often, there is a common sense solution to an issue that you would not expect a lawyer to provide.
  • For those  clients who have dealt with large firms of lawyers, you will find that we can  provide quality advice in many situations where the cost of a team of lawyers addressing an issue is not justified. Particularly in the areas of information technology and telecommunications, we are able to provide expert advice at a fraction of the cost of a partner or senior associate from a large firm.

So what makes us different? A few of the differences between us and other lawyers are outlined below:

We charge for results

Many lawyers charge by the hour. Although this is sometimes appropriate, we feel that many clients consider this an inducement for lawyers to work slower. In most cases, we will provide a fixed price quote  for the cost of legal work and clearly outline the assumptions that our quote is based on.

In a limited number of situations, we do  charge on an hourly basis. When we do so, we explain clearly why this is necessary. Our rates are extremely competitive and  take into account our expertise in the relevant legal area.

Clear thinking, clear communications

Often a lawyer adds value by helping clients to understand the commercial issues they face. We bring a common sense, plain English approach to every discussion we are involved in and to every document we prepare.


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